Why I chose Recapturing Grace?

When I decided to take the leap and jump into blogging, I had many many ideas and everyone of them seemed to be taken, so I consulted my hubby and a few close friends and family to help…I knew that I wanted the name GRACE in my title and I’ll explain why in a little bit…but I knew that I wanted my blog to portray me and our family…the main reason for this title was from Psalm 18, a close friend (Thanks, Steph) had given me a schedule of Bible scripture to read for the month and it began in Psalm 18. The passage speaks about how God is your defender and rescuer. I was praying about this blog and the word, RECAPTURE, came to my heart…


So…let me rewind and tell you about GRACE…so I grew up in an amazing home with my mom and dad…very loving Christian environment (Thank God!) but I’ve always had a self confidence issue (I don’t know where it came from or why honestly) so I’ve always looked to others for approval (again, why I don’t know)…so after my husband and I got married, we waited 4 years before trying to have a baby because we were still active duty military and were planning on come home and getting settled and it just kinda worked out that way (along the way, I found out that I have hypothyroidism but that will be another post)…so we decided to name our daughter, Selah Grace…little did I know what a blessing her and her name would be to me every single day…her name means to reflect on grace…so I’m daily reminded to do so and recapture the grace that Jesus gave us and gives us daily to have a wonderful day…so like I said, I’ve always struggled with what others think and I’m horrible at decision making (there I said it)…so over the years, I’ve learned to give myself GRACE…as in I’m not perfect, I’m not going to be, but all I have to do is my BEST (it might not be a friend’s best but it’s mine) and be good with that…do I still struggle…SURE but know that everyday that I MUST RECAPTURE GRACE and love my husband and my babies the best that I can and forget about those who are climbing Mt. Everest everyday, while I’m just happy that I vacuumed, got dinner on the table, the kids in the bath and had a moment to relax with my hubby…then it’s been a good day! So relax and take a breath and recapture grace daily and do the best YOU can!…I hope this blog will help you learn to see grace in your everyday…


IMAGE: http://www.happyhands.org/happy-hands-blog/perceive-grace/

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