No one is…


Just wanted to let you in on a little secret…we all struggle at times, we all have obstacles, we all have successes, we all make mistakes, we all excel, we all have troubles, and yet we all make it through…

If you have followed my blog or read any of my posts, you know immediately that family and finances are two of my passions.

My husband and I are both savers and we budget…BUT…we’re not perfect…we don’t always make the best decisions with our finances.

I am very passionate about budgeting, not getting into debt and living like no one else…and one of my passions in life is helping others get out of debt, and begin the journey to financial freedom…so if you need help on your journey, please contact me. I would love to help you begin your journey…

In saying that, I will say that I will never…judge you, say that I might not one day be in the same boat as you (we had to use a credit card last year for a major AC/Heat unit for our home), say that I won’t make financial mistakes, have an attitude as though I’m better that you…

because guess what my little secret is…NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!…life happens…I totally understand, but the principles that we live by encourage and help you to strive to continue on your journey!!!

(so message me if you would me to help you on your journey)




Who Knew…


So…I’m going to take you on a journey…it’s an open journey, a real journey…for years now I have dealt with having a short fuse, being irritable, cranky, tired, no energy, headaches, brain fog, restless leg syndrome, weight gain, always hungry, irregular periods and feeling like I’m PMSing CONSTANTLY and primarily taking it out on the ones that I’m closest to…it became my new normal…I HATED it…it was like I was on an emotional roller coaster…I couldn’t seem to control my emotions…I could see myself getting irritated and reacting to the situation by yelling and yet wondering “Why am I yelling?”…

Now, you have to understand that I’ve been going to the doctor for 10 years for my thyroid (my primary care doctor never sent me to an endocrinologist, a doctor who studies the thyroid during all this time). I have hypothyroidism. The doctor said for years that I have had infertility issues due to my thyroid so that is why my periods are so irregular and because I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

So in November 2016, my period was very late and I wasn’t pregnant. Finally, it did start 11 days late…so I called my women’s health doctor who said that I needed to see an endocrinologist (because this has gone on too long…over 10 years remember)…BUT my primary care would have to submit the order. My husband and I are both veterans and go to the VA…so to be seen by the doctor and especially a specialty doctor can be like pulling teeth!…

So December 2016, I finally was approved and went to see the endocrinologist…I had done my research, at this point, I was tired of taking my thyroid medicine because it didn’t seem to be doing any good (except my thyroid levels were good on the doctor’s charts, but I felt horrible all the time)…so I went in to the appointment with my research. I was in tears because I was so tired of feeling so horrible all the time. I honestly thought that I had adrenal fatigue. Well, I told the endocrinologist all of this and I didn’t see the point of taking the thyroid medicine anymore. So in the office, he opened up my file and the next words out of his mouth have changed my life…he said, “You are taking IRON right, because you have had little to no iron for a LONG time”…I said, “What? No. Why?”…He said, “I know what your problem is….You don’t have adrenal fatigue and if you stopped taking your thyroid meds then you would only feel a little worse than you do now because you have NO IRON! You are anemic.” ….I sat there scratching my head thinking…I feel this way because of my IRON really?

That night, my husband went to the store and picked me up some IRON supplements. I have been taking the IRON since…just one every night…now, the endocrinologist did send me to a hematologist to confirm. One of my levels that they were watching was 13 on December 29, 2016 and the same level was 39 in Feb 2, 2017 (which is getting better!) The hematologist sent me to a GI doctor who confirmed that my IRON has not been at the right levels for a LONG time! I did have a colonoscopy and endoscopy in Feb 2017 to make sure that there was no internal bleeding (which there wasn’t…PRAISE GOD!)

Since I’ve continued my thyroid meds (I never stopped taking them) and I have added one iron supplement at night…I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER…my periods are normal and aren’t as heavy, I go to the bathroom regularly, I feel more in control of my emotions, I’m not nearly as tired…my WHOLE attitude has changed!! (Just ask my hubby and kids…)

Now, I’m not a doctor, but it makes me wonder how many people are taking mood stabilizers (my primary care wanted me on those) or depression meds when they just need IRON…WebMD Iron Deficiency


From the Heart…


So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m about to say…it will probably ruffle some feathers, but I don’t know if I’m the only one annoyed by this (if so, oh well….)…what is it, you might ask???

Why do mothers seem to always have an excuse or act like being a mother is so horrible? (maybe horrible isn’t the best word)

It just seems like constantly on social media there are all these articles and blogs about about how difficult and tiring motherhood is…and yes, it is hard and it is tiring but life is all around hard at times and tiring at times.

It just seems like like mothers these days act like motherhood is so much hard than ever before…I’m mean mothers have been around since the beginning of creation.

Why can’t there be blogs about how GREAT being a mother is, how WONDERFUL being a wife is, how YOUR CHILDREN are a BLESSING, and how living LIFE is INCREDIBLE instead of how hard being a mother is, what a struggle mothers have, that moms just need a break…

I mean come on, we don’t have to use an outhouse anymore, we don’t have to cook over a fire, we have heat and A/C, we get to grow our own food (we don’t have to because of grocery stores), we can jump in our vehicle and go anywhere, we can enjoy fellowship with others on social media, emails, phone calls….yes, motherhood is stressful, being wife is stressful, running a household is stressful, being an adult is stressful…

It just seems to me (maybe I’m the only one) that mothers don’t realize their STRENGTH, their ENDURANCE, their GRACE, their ABILITY…(and this applies to fathers too) to accomplish what they were CREATED to do!

Hope this doesn’t ruffle too many feathers or step on too many toes…but take a step back (even if you step on a toy), relax and enjoy the little things and being WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE…a mom, a wife, a person!


Loving ME!



So one of my goals this coming year is to devote more time to LOVING ME (easier said than done…). I think as a wife and mother, you are constantly doing for everyone else that you forgot that you are in the mix too…

I want to teach my kiddos that in order to love anyone…you MUST love yourself first. You MUST take care of yourself. In taking care and loving yourself, you will be able to love all.

5 Ways to Love Yourself MORE:

  1. Spend time in the Word (whether it’s 5 minutes a day or more…)
  2. Do something special for yourself (like painting your fingernails and toenails..YAY! (by the way, I did that this morning…)
  3. Do something for someone else just because (if that’s your gift)
  4. Take time for you (schedule it if you have too…after the kids go to bed, early in the morning (it would be before the sun got up for me…)
  5. just LOVE you! Love all your flaws, imperfections…instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what you don’t like…make yourself SEE what you LOVE (that is definitely going to be the MOST challenging for me…)


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So it’s the new year…out with the old and in with the new! New Year’s Resolutions (YEAH RIGHT)…like everyone keeps those…so I’ve decided to try to make some simple changes for life, not just because its the new year but the new year does create a opportunity to begin again…

My changes (or potential changes, I guess I should say)…

1. learn to be more patient and not yell (easier said that done…I know all moms struggle with this)

2. take care of me (along with taking care of the hubby, the kiddos, the dog, the house, etc….but no seriously, taking care of you is essential)

3. working more on a cash budget for our food/fun budget.

I’ll be blogging about the good and the bad throughout my changes…hopefully they don’t fail…we will see how that goes…any advice will be GREATLY appreciated!

(Forgive me for no communication through the holidays…it’s been crazy, we’re still not fully moved in, going through boxes but other than that no new updates…moving is more than enough!…hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!)


When the Budget isn’t working…


So…you’ve “done” it all right…you’ve tracked your spending, you’ve created a budget, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve kept yourself and your spouse accountable…BUT it’s JUST not working!!! You are NOT alone!

We struggle too. I know how to budget…I’m a certified financial planner (as of June 2016…YAY)…and we still struggle at times, emergencies happen…basically life happens!

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog…you know that we moved in Aug/Sept of this year and guess what…our budget is struggling! We’ve been so busy with work (I work part time and my hubby works full time plus multiple jobs on the side) and kids and homeschool and I’m going to school full time to get my Masters and just moving in general…we’ve haven’t gotten a chance to sit down, breathe and review our budget…so we’re in the same boat with you…so here is our plan:

  1. Take a day…PLAN nothing that day…(hopefully!)…
  2. TOGETHER look at all of our bills, right them all down.
  3. Right down any debt (medical, household)
  4. Create a budget together for the upcoming month (months…holidays are coming)
  5. See where we can cut or even add…(you will be surprised where some money is disappearing too)
  6. Set goals for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 (realistic goals including fun…we hardly ever plan “fun” things to do together or as a family)
  7. Have a fun family day the rest of the day…even if that means going no where and just enjoy the company while watching movies and playing…

Keep each other accountable (we’re both savers…that can be hard too…since we’re both savers, we will either not buy something we NEED or buy the cheaper version that breaks immediately)

Let me know where you’re at on your budget…what needs to change or what you are doing that works…


We CLOSED…but…

We did it! We CLOSED on our 2nd house!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!


So the moving process has begun (that’s why I haven’t been on…it’s been crazy!)…but…there has been a little set back…We closed on a Friday morning and the following Tuesday, we decided to have the A/C checked and cleaned before we officially moved everything in…well, it BROKE! Good news is that there is a warranty on the home for the 1st year…bad news is that the warranty company is fighting us on covering the unit…so we are now in between houses…still in our current house (our tenants move in late Aug/early Sept) because it is 90 in the new house! (our area is in a heat wave too…REALLY!)

Through all of this…I’m learning…what am I learning you might ask…well, let’s see:

  1. Who your “real” friends are…the ones who are there to help you move…(not many)
  2. You gotta stick together…this whole process has definitely brought the hubby and I closer
  3. It will all work out…it will make us stronger!