Staples are out!

No Podcast today…just a few of my thoughts…

So we went today to meet with the hubby’s neurosurgeon and the staples (23) were removed…the hubby did well with it…he said some of them felt like a needle prick, but for the most part no pain.

The hubby started physical therapy next week and goes back to the neurosurgeon in 3 months…another MRI will be done in 6 months to check the fluid in his spine.

So during this process, I started working from home…so this past week I think I was on the phone with the IT guy almost every day…working to get all the kinks out tomorrow…

Oh…the van…if you read the previous post…you will know that our van broke down on the way home from the hospital…we are still working on it…what we thought was going to cost an arm is now going to cost an arm and a leg…working on the budget this week to see what we can…

Next week, we start back to school (we homeschool)…I don’t know how excited the kiddos are yet…so this momma is trying to get organized and prepared for a new curriculum…I’ll give more updates on what we are doing once I’m organized…LOL

Don’t forget to give some grace along the way this week!!

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