No one is…


Just wanted to let you in on a little secret…we all struggle at times, we all have obstacles, we all have successes, we all make mistakes, we all excel, we all have troubles, and yet we all make it through…

If you have followed my blog or read any of my posts, you know immediately that family and finances are two of my passions.

My husband and I are both savers and we budget…BUT…we’re not perfect…we don’t always make the best decisions with our finances.

I am very passionate about budgeting, not getting into debt and living like no one else…and one of my passions in life is helping others get out of debt, and begin the journey to financial freedom…so if you need help on your journey, please contact me. I would love to help you begin your journey…

In saying that, I will say that I will never…judge you, say that I might not one day be in the same boat as you (we had to use a credit card last year for a major AC/Heat unit for our home), say that I won’t make financial mistakes, have an attitude as though I’m better that you…

because guess what my little secret is…NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!…life happens…I totally understand, but the principles that we live by encourage and help you to strive to continue on your journey!!!

(so message me if you would me to help you on your journey)




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