A 2 Cup of Coffee Kinda Day…


So before I get into what’s been going on since I last blogged…I gotta tell you what happened today…mind you, it’s around 10am…we’ve started school and we have an appointment right after lunch, and baby decides that he is hungry AGAIN (how did those 2 hours between feedings go so fast)…

(if you are a nursing mom or parent of a baby that has nursed, you know that the poop goes through stages…we are currently in the yellow runny poop stage)…well…

I had just finished nursing baby and I hear the noise (you know, the noise…that baby is working on a poop and there probably is some poop in the diaper…for those of you who don’t know what I’m mean…you know when your dog starts throwing up and that fear overcomes you…yeah, similar to that)..so I lean down to lay him on the couch to change the diaper…when…I see poop…it’s on baby from LITERALLY head to toe (oh yeah, he is in a onsie by the way) and I look down and poop in on my hand (which I had just pushed my hair out of my face before I saw it on my hand)…so now, poop is in my hair and on me (remember I was just nursing…so it is on my stomach and my shirt, and my pants…LITERALLY the explosion of century (says all parents when this happens)…

I called my 9 year old over…who is now gagging, but I handed her the baby which she proceeds to  carry baby out in front of  her as if to keep from being contaminated to the bathroom…

As I slowly get undressed to keep from spreading the poop any more…I truly don’t know what to do first…I started the bath and get in to get the poop washed off me, but I remembered that my 9 year old is still standing there holding baby (who is now screaming)…so I lean over the tub to undress baby who we laid on a towel (which we grabbed off the rack)…I have the 9 year old run and grab the wipes and a plastic bag (this is a plastic bag kind of poop)…so I put baby in the bath only to realize the bath is too warm, so I turn it colder, get the wash cloth wet and start to wipe baby (but the water is now too cold)…so baby’s lip starts to quiver…but then I realize that I’m sitting in a bathtub with poop…so I immediately let the water out and turn on the shower (which baby loves) and yell for my 9 year old to bring me another washcloth, because the other one was used to get the poop off…I finish the baby’s shower and hand him to my 9 year old and walk her through putting on the diaper and getting baby dressed (while I’m still in the shower) and guess what the water goes cold…so now I’m in a freezing shower trying to hurry to help baby and make sure all the poop is gone…so when I finish (forget the conditioner…cause it was way too cold to stay in the shower one second longer)…I come out to baby diapered, dressed with a bib and hat and as calm as can be and asleep…and my 9 year old is as proud as can be!

Then, I went a made myself a second cup of coffee (which I never do)…but I needed a moment…we ended up making it on time to our appointment (I was so proud of us)…came home to my second cup of coffee still sitting on the counter 4 hours later…I drank it and didn’t even bother to warm it up…

PS…remind me to tell my husband to check the water heater



Image: Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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