It’s not rocket science…

So I know it’s been a while…been crazy with baby happy making HIS appearance in Sept., recovering from his delivery, and going back to work part time…so I gotta tell you what just happened…


The  2 older kiddos were arguing…so I told them that they had to hold hands to carry 2 board games and put them away downstairs…so 1st board game is taken…no issues…2nd trip down the stairs and all of a sudden I hear crying…my little one is upset because he decided to jump down the stairs and fell but stating “sissy didn’t catch me” (not exactly sure what happened)…so I make my way down the stairs (meanwhile, hubby is in the kitchen listening to all of this and giggling)…because the next thing out of my mouth is…REALLY, this isn’t rocket science, next thing we know ya’ll will be going to the moon!…right after I said it, the hubby comes out of the kitchen rolling with tears because of what just came out of my mouth…kids just stare at me and proceed to put up the 2nd board game without incident…what an adventure in our household tonight…

Image: Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash

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