Chiari…brain & spinal surgery…WHAT!

Podcast: Episode 2 is available (link below)

So what is Arnold Chiari Malformation...well, basically the brain is too big for the skull, therefore causing pressure and pain and many other symptoms…therefore needing brain & spinal decompression surgery

We’ve known for 12 years that my husband had this condition, but in the last year his symptoms have gotten worse. We went to see a neurologist in the beginning of 2020 who did another MRI…and in a whirlwind…we were meeting with a neurosurgeon…whose first words out of his mouth were that his chiari was SEVERE and surgery was needed (definitely took us by surprise)…he has also developed a syrinx in his spine (which is basically a cyst in his spinal column)…surgery will be soon…recovery will be long and possibly painful…but we know without doing this that symptoms could get worse possibly leading to paralysis or worse…

So please be praying as we begin this journey and recovery…



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