Real vs. Fake

So, if you’re like me (hopefully I’m not alone)…you have a hard time finding “REAL” friends. “REAL” friends not “FAKE” friends…what I mean by “FAKE” are the so called friends, who say that they will be there, but end up not being there when it really matters, they are the same ones who are only around during major life events or when they need you. I’m honestly tired of the juggling and mind games. So I’ve decided (it’s been a long journey and not an easy one because I’m a peacemaker, so I want to make everyone happy even if it hurts me in the process…another post later)  that I’m going to be a friend whether they are or not. Now,that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a doormat. I will be nice and love them even when I don’t want to. Personally, I’m tired of feeling offended or jealous when “friends” all go out to eat or go to the movies or just get together and I’m not invited (takes me back to the good ole’ high school years). So be happy in the small group of friends or the one friend that you might have. So when  your house is messy, the budget is tight, you haven’t taken a shower in a couple of days, and the kids are driving you crazy…true friends will show up, watch the kids so you can take a shower, make you some coffee and sit on your couch in the middle of your laundry pile (probably help you fold it) and show no judgment and chat. In those little acts,  you will find your true friends!


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