Being a MOM

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of getting married and having a family and then IT HAPPENS…You have a  beautiful wedding to the most handsome guy in the WHOLE world (Sorry ladies, he’s taken) and a few years later…you become a MOM!!! My birth experiences of my kiddos was difficult (especially with my daughter…I’ll explain more later). Overnight, your priorities change, your thinking changes, your everything changes…you find yourself becoming someone new, who you might not completely understand at times…you find yourself excited about the little things…a sweet smile, hug or kiss, a laugh that can just melt you, then there are times you want to hide in the bathroom for 1 minute to breath and eat some chocolate (of course), but there are those moments that just take your breath away that you and your handsome hubby can create such a masterpiece that acts just like you and him in every way and can push your buttons at any second…but you wouldn’t trade it for WORLD! So I know that there are times that you struggle (I do!) or yell (and then have to apologize) but remember this (it’s a HUGE reminder to me DAILY)…


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