Really, I have to budget!

The “use” to dread the  word…BUDGET…it means sacrifice & a life change (you have to know that my hubby and I are both “SAVERS” not “SPENDERS”)…the hardest part of creating a budget is figuring out how much you actually spend on a monthly basis (which explains step 1 of creating a budget)


Steps to Create a Budget:

  1. Write down every single penny that your family spends for 1 month…Once you know where you money is going then you can figure out a more accurate amount for your budget (ex. you think you spend $50.00 a week eating out, but actually you spend $150.00…that’s a HUGE difference in your budget)
  2. Look back over your month and group them for your budget (groceries, gas, bills, etc)
  3. Write down any debt and what your minimum amounts
  4. Write down your NET income (The income that you actually HAVE for the month to use)
  5. Now, it’s time to create your Budget…Once you’ve created your budget, then the goal is to stick to it (this is the HARDEST part…but if you stick to your budget, you will become more financially secure)

I’ve attached a sample budget worksheet to get you started:

ORIGINAL Monthly Family Budget – Sheet1 (1)





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