How does Christmas sneak up?

So it’s Christmas Eve 2015…still gotta get a couple presents (yes, I procrastinate). I have run out of wrapping paper (of course). I don’t know about you but we always seem to struggle around the holidays and birthdays and anniversaries (It’s the SAME time every year but it still sneaks up on me)…

I’ve come up with 4 tips for being prepared this coming year.

  1. Make a list of all the family/friends that you want to buy for.
  2. Make a budget for each of one.
  3. Figure out your total budget for Christmas and divide it by 11…so you now know how much to save every month (Dividing by 11 gives you one month to shop)
  4. Save your pennies and put the monthly amount into your monthly budget

NOTE TO SELF: DO THIS! (Include birthdays and anniversary too)

Now, make sure your basics are covered (food, shelter, gas, utilities first) but if you have it in your budget, make it work…so when Christmas rolls’re not FREAKING out!

Second, you might need to cut your budget for the gifts (like sending Christmas picture cards instead of gift cards…we did that this year) or make more homemade gifts…



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