After all the hustle and bustle…

So it’s a week after Christmas…hope you had a wonderful Christmas…now back to reality!

The money has been spent (hopefully less than the budget), the gifts have been given, the foods been eaten….at any point, did you stop and remember who this day is all about? For us,  we explained to our children that its not all about the presents, but totally about JESUS and its pretty cool to get presents on HIS birthday!!!


It seems like the Christmas season is all about presents and Santa and less about Jesus. We all get so wrapped up in the “Christmas season” that we put aside Christ….now, don’t get me wrong…WE LOVE Christmas ( we don’t do Santa, although we do teach our children about the real St. Nicholas)…we love going out to look at lights, getting presents, spending time with family and all that Christmas brings…

Just remember today and everyday not just on Christmas that it is all about Jesus. He gave us life, our many blessings, and our today, yesterday and tomorrow…so treat everyone the way you want to be treated, love all (even the hard to love), go out of your way for someone you know and even a stranger, and be Jesus plain and simple!!!



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