Hello 2016

So yesterday was a crazy day (and did I get much accomplished…NO)…anyway, so I’m posting my post from yesterday today.


I hope you had a good new year’s! We did. We had sparkling white grape juice and gummy bears and finger foods…we watched the ball drop and barely stayed awake…little man was out by the time 2016 rolled around…but little miss made it!

So this year, we have a LOT of things planned (I’m DECLARING it from the mountain tops) for our family…

  1. getting our home ready to rent…got some maintenance to do and fix some issues.
  2. find a new home with 2 kiddos, we need a home with at least 3 bedrooms
  3. first and foremost, pay off ALL of debt (1 medical bill and our van)…we are so close and hopefully with our tax return we can be completely DEBT FREE
  4. get an even better handle on our finances. (I’ll post later about how we do our finances on a monthly basis)
  5. continue our “SPRING CLEANING” (that has lasted all year)…I want to be organized before we move to make the moving easier
  6. to become closer as a family as a husband and wife and with the kiddos and in our relationship with the LORD
  7. finish my certification (I started Dec 1 to go back to school) to become a Financial Planner

These are not in exact order, but just a plan to finish 2016 and make it one of the best years YET!


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