Making a list…

So have you ever felt overwhelmed, disorganized, or just plain “don’t know where to start”…been there, done that, and I’m there…I look around our home and wonder where did all this junk come from and what am I going to do with it. We have a HUGE yard sale pile in my dining room and right now, my bedroom is full of laundry and so disorganized…so I’ve decided to make a list…a small list, but  a list of things to get done today….by ME! (not a honey do…cause that could go on forever)…

Here’s my list


Your list won’t be my list and that’s okay. In making a list, there is a little bit of satisfaction to check it off and know that you made your goal for the day!

So take a few minutes, make your own list and see all that you can get done today!

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