Learning to be intentional!


So New Year’s has passed and so has the beginning of resolutions for the new year…I normally don’t do resolutions…now I’ve made them in the past…but do I stick to them…NO! Although, this year as a family, we have decided to do one resolution…that is to BE INTENTIONAL! How you might ask?

Well, first of all, we have decided to do devotional/worship time. We always make the excuse for not enough time in the day, so we’ve decided to “make time” for devotional time including “worship time” My hubby has started playing praise and worship music from Bethel when he gets up and leaves it on when he goes to work and it has set the atmosphere for the day. We’ve always been ones to have music playing in our room and the kids at night, but when it playing in the main room of the house, the living room, it has totally changed the whole atmosphere of the house. It’s amazing how music can influence your life….

The second way that we are going to INTENTIONAL is in who we associate with and be friends with. So many times, I know that we (my hubby and I) complain that we don’t have a lot of friends and no one hangs out with us…and honestly, they don’t. We have learned to become “okay” with that. At times, to be honest, with Facebook these days, you “see” everyone hanging out or getting together and you haven’t been invited (now, I do have a few close friends that I’m so thankful for…you know who you are)…and I don’t expect many phone calls or invites just because I wrote this post…but Facebook can be so dangerous and create jealousy in ways I never knew before…so we’ve decided to be intentional with our friendships. Instead of waiting to be invited to go out, we have decided to invite. We’ve decided to make lasting friendships with those that we might not know as well now…and to continue those friendships that we know are “true” friends and let the rest go…

Finally, the last way we have decided to be INTENTIONAL is helping others out. Earlier this week, our sweet girl had gone through her stuffed animals and chose two totes full to give to other kids that might not have any….it was so awesome to see her carry this huge bag into a shelter yesterday to give to the kids. So, we have decided to make “care bags” to keep in our cars to give to those who are in need or  just need a pick me up. We are working on getting those filled to hand out soon….

So are you going to intentional this year? if so, what are you going to do? let me know in the comments below…




IMAGE: http://thyblackman.com/2012/11/26/yes-be-intentional%E2%80%8F/

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