Stop Growing Up!

Tears…tears…tears! Our little man is growing up! He got his first haircut and we are getting him off of “Mommy milk”…so sad! Yes, he is 2 and people think we’re crazy that he is still nursing (We’re not trying to get him off “Mommy milk” because of others, but we feel it is time…I’ll post soon about my birth experiences and “Mommy milk” experiences…sometimes you just want to stay stop growing up! Our sweet princess will be 6 next month…literally where has time gone!!! I’m so blessed to have two amazing kiddos (the best in the whole world…a little biased I know)… So this post is just a reminder to love on your babies (whether biological, adopted and even the 4 legged kind), give yourself a whole lot of GRACE and enjoy every single moment of everyday!!!!




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