My NEW Motto is…


So many times, I know for me (I think I’ve spoken about this in earlier posts too…so I’m guessing this is heavy on my heart) this is something that I deal with…I won’t say “keeping up with the Jones”…but maybe “keeping up with the other moms” who seem to have it all together, know all the “tricks of the trade”, make all their own natural products, coupon like couponing queens, have an amazing meal plan, kids always look their best, they always look their best, dinner is on the table when the hubby gets home, dishes are done, laundry is put away, house is spotless…you know…”those moms”…guess what, in REALITY, THEY DON’T EXIST! Do you know how long it has taken me to figure this out? YEARS! I’m always wondering if I’m doing it “right” and what is right…honestly, what is the truth…if there are moms out there that can truly take that trophy for the BEST MOM in the WORLD…I want to meet her!


(I’ll let you in on a little secret…THAT’S YOU!) Let me explain…you might be a stay-at-home mom or work out of the home mom, your house is a mess, dishes are piled up, laundry has created a mountain in your home, toys have taken over, you never know what you going to be eating for dinner (that’s me), couponing sometimes happens (most of the time, NOT), you took a shower (YAY! forget makeup and oh yeah, brushing you hair that’s as far as you go as to dressing up), kids are bathed and so what if they have on their pjs when you go to the grocery store…did you find herself in any of those…I found me and you know what…that’s OKAY!

Give yourself some grace, put on some pretty lipstick (or chapstick), your cutest outfit (or most comfortable pjs), hold your head up high and know that YOU ROCK! (You’re kids think so, your hubby thinks so and guess what…GOD KNOWS SO…that’s all the matters)

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