So how many times, have you worked hard on something and see no results from a project, to cleaning the house (impossible with kids at times…i know…you should see my living room…toys and laundry) or the in my case, the GYM!! In January, I joined the gym! I’ve been going pretty much 3x a week (thanks to a HUGE push from the Hubby)…I’m not a gym person and I don’t enjoy going honestly! Although, I had to tell you that I have seen a difference in myself. I’ve seen a few physical changes (I still have the baby bump as I call it from my two kiddo’s c-sections…but I can definitely see a small change)


(One AMAZING Step in this Gym Journey: When I first started the second week of January, I could only due this one butt machine at 45 lbs and I was struggling…guess what TONIGHT I DID THE SAME MACHINE at 100 lbs!!! It was awesome for me to see me accomplish this!)

So many times (I don’t know if you are like me) but you start a project and never finish or get side tracked or just give up….I’m working this year to follow through, not just at the gym, but in every area from organizing my house, to friendships, and so on…

(Maybe the gym isn’t for you…but why not? I know the gym at times could not fit into your budget, I TOTALLY get that…but you can do things at home too…)

Find something to do for you this year…something you enjoy…and go for it!!! Let me know what it is, so I pray for you or help you on your journey…


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