We’re Debt Free (and you can be too!)

As of a today, we are officially DEBT FREE!!!! Thank God and Dave Ramsey!!!


It’s been a LONG road since January 2012. We’ve paid $25,000+ since then. It is crazy looking back on it all. Our debt was our van and medical.

I’ll let you in on a secret…YOU CAN BE DEBT FREE TOO!!!

Let me tell you how that you can be debt free! It’s hard work…but TOTALLY worth it!!!

First Step: Create a Budget and follow it! (There will be changes to your budget and that’s okay…keep working it)

Second Step: Pay the minimum on any credit cards or medical bills or vehicle payments while putting  money into your savings account to reach $1000.00 (Emergency Fund…only for Emergencies!)

Third Step: Once you have your Emergency Fund funded (remember when you use this for an emergency, you will always be refunding it for emergencies)…use what you were putting into your Emergency Fund to pay on the smaller CC, Medical or Vehicle Payment while continuing to pay the minimum on everything else. Once you have paid one bill off, use that amount and add it to the next smallest bill  and continue until you are DEBT FREE!! (this will give you small victories to prove to yourself that you can and will do it!)



IMAGE: http://theparsimoniousprincess.blogspot.com/2013/01/were-debt-free-of-car-payments-and-baby.html and https://www.pinterest.com/cshell0717/debt-free/

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