Catching You Up…

So much has happened since I posted last…you’ll understand shortly why I’ve been behind on posting…



(same town, just a little ways away from our current house)

Let me rewind to you will understand our process…about a year ago, we started discussing moving…our kiddos were 5 and 1 (almost 2) and our current house is 3 bedrooms/2 bath (but 1 bedroom and bath are in the basement)…so basically we have a 2 bedroom/1 bath…so right now, our kiddos share a bedroom, our living room is the playroom, and laundry is like a mountain EVERYWHERE (please tell me I’m not alone on that one)…

In February of this year (2016), we paid off our van! YAY!! DEBT FREE!!! (You can see my post about that HERE!) So once we paid off the van, the search began. We looked and looked and walked through many many house…we thought we had found one in May but it ended up falling through due to water and mold issues…so we had to pay for the inspections on the house…so we said, we’re done…we’re not going to look for a while because we don’t want to lose anymore money…In June, our sweet Leia fur baby passed away…you can read all it HERE…tears still…

So a few weeks after Leia passed, it was a Monday morning at 7AM…I get a text from our realtor that says…YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS HOUSE, I’M SENDING YOU A LINK NOW!…so we got online and looked at it and fell in love…we went and looked at it that night and put an offer on it the next day…God totally orchestrated it out for us…the price, the location, the house (IT FITS OUR LIST) and every detail, even the family that will be renting out our current house…WOW! I said last year at Christmas that this would be our last year in this house, well, my words are not returning void…I’m just amazed that during our grief of losing our sweet fur baby, that God moved and opened this door for this new house…we should be closing Aug 5th (We’re currently waiting on the confirmation from the bank)…so be praying for us…


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