Having to say Goodbye…

As I sit here with tears streaming down my face…we had to say goodbye today…

Our sweet Leia girl went to be with Jesus this afternoon….thank you Princess Leia for being our sweet companion, amazing protector, and incredible friend…we will miss your cuddles, slaps to get more cuddles, nightly rituals of making sure the kids are safe and tucked in, goofiness, and just all around amazing dog that you are…see you soon before you know it…love you and miss you already our baby girl….you captured our heart and lives in ways you probably never knew…


We got Leia when she was just 6 weeks old…she looked like a little lion cub…she has always been the sweetest, gentle dog I’ve ever met…afraid of storms (most definitely) but she would fight for us if she had too…(scared a few people that should of been around our house)…

Seven weeks ago, she started getting sick, I was up all night with her and the first vet we took her too gave her fluids and put her on some nausea medicine (which we found out that she was sensitive to medicine…so she had almost EVERY side effect)…we thought she was good a week later, she started getting sick again…we took her back to the 1st vet and more medicine was given and an ultrasound was taken that showed no blockages…3 weeks into her illness she stopped eating (that was 4 weeks ago)…we ended up switching vets because after discussing some things with close friends and dog lovers…we realized that worms test we never done…the 2nd vet did a heartworm test which was negative, a fecal sample was done and a small tapeworm was found (we thought that was causing some weird things she was doing), medicine was given immediately and it was taken care of…the 2nd vet did another ultrasound (no charge to us…Praise God!) 2 days ago and found that her liver was enlarged and swelling, also she had some enlarged lymphnodes. He determined that she had lymphoma. We decided not to do treatment or any further testing because there is no cure and who knows how long it would of extended her life and we didn’t want her miserable….so we brought her home….this morning, she got up and drank 3 bowls of water (PRAISE GOD)…she went out to go potty and I couldn’t get her back in, my hubby had to come home to get her up and got her back inside, for the next 3-4 hours we loved on her and decided to take her back to the 2nd vet and we knew it was time. It was very peaceful and she is now with Jesus (I know some don’t think that dogs go to Heaven, I do, and there is nothing to convince me otherwise).

We are heartbroken, but we know that we did every possible thing we could for her (we tried every type of food to get her to eat), we tried different medicines, we loved on her continuously, prayed over her, released her, and finally did what was best for her…we miss her greatly, but we know that she is with Him, running and playing and we will see her again!!!

We miss you Princess Leia! We had a wonderful 8 1/2 years with you here. Love you forever sweet girl!



IMAGE: http://www.petadoptionservices.org/info/display?PageID=13336

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