When you just…

So since the beginning of this blog…I’ve decided to be very open (which isn’t easy)…because it makes you vulnerable…in saying that…

Have you ever had times that you just want to scream…at God, at whoever might walk by or even just scream at the sky? That’s how I feel…


For the past (almost) eight weeks, I have taken care of our Leia (not just me..my hubby has been incredible!)…so as you can see from my recent post “Having to Say Goodbye” that last Thursday, our Leia went to be with Jesus…now, we knew it was time, we had done EVERYTHING that we could do…it was a long difficult battle and she fought it until the end and passed sweetly in HIS arms from ours…so its been a very hard few days…tears daily for sure…

Our sweet girl (who is 6) is still processing it (as we are) and is currently asleep in the living room on the last blanket that Leia laid on on Thursday…our sweet girl is so heartbroken and I don’t know what can fix it other than time and love…

Our little man is on the couch in just a diaper because beginning around 6pm tonight…he started throwing up…so he fell asleep around 8:30pm and hopefully it will be a peaceful night…

One more thing, I’m in college at the University of Phoenix and of course, tonight is my last night of my last class to become a Certified Financial Planner and I have homework due and the little man gets sick…(I did get my home completed about 10 minutes ago)

So I just felt like either crying or screaming or both…I might jump around and pitch a temper tantrum while I’m at it…being a mom is hard and at times VERY overwhelming…let’s not talk about my house or my pantry (haven’t had time or been able to go grocery shopping)…I started a new job in the middle of all this too…(thankful to my wonderful co-workers for being there)

so give yourself some grace…breath…and don’t give up!!!

Oh, one more thing…it was my birthday yesterday in the middle of all of this…so happy birthday to me…



IMAGE: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/just-breathe/ and https://www.pinterest.com/explore/don’t-give-up/

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