We CLOSED…but…

We did it! We CLOSED on our 2nd house!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!


So the moving process has begun (that’s why I haven’t been on…it’s been crazy!)…but…there has been a little set back…We closed on a Friday morning and the following Tuesday, we decided to have the A/C checked and cleaned before we officially moved everything in…well, it BROKE! Good news is that there is a warranty on the home for the 1st year…bad news is that the warranty company is fighting us on covering the unit…so we are now in between houses…still in our current house (our tenants move in late Aug/early Sept) because it is 90 in the new house! (our area is in a heat wave too…REALLY!)

Through all of this…I’m learning…what am I learning you might ask…well, let’s see:

  1. Who your “real” friends are…the ones who are there to help you move…(not many)
  2. You gotta stick together…this whole process has definitely brought the hubby and I closer
  3. It will all work out…it will make us stronger!



IMAGE: http://quoteaddicts.com/topic/moving-quotes/

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