When the Budget isn’t working…


So…you’ve “done” it all right…you’ve tracked your spending, you’ve created a budget, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve kept yourself and your spouse accountable…BUT it’s JUST not working!!! You are NOT alone!

We struggle too. I know how to budget…I’m a certified financial planner (as of June 2016…YAY)…and we still struggle at times, emergencies happen…basically life happens!

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog…you know that we moved in Aug/Sept of this year and guess what…our budget is struggling! We’ve been so busy with work (I work part time and my hubby works full time plus multiple jobs on the side) and kids and homeschool and I’m going to school full time to get my Masters and just moving in general…we’ve haven’t gotten a chance to sit down, breathe and review our budget…so we’re in the same boat with you…so here is our plan:

  1. Take a day…PLAN nothing that day…(hopefully!)…
  2. TOGETHER look at all of our bills, right them all down.
  3. Right down any debt (medical, household)
  4. Create a budget together for the upcoming month (months…holidays are coming)
  5. See where we can cut or even add…(you will be surprised where some money is disappearing too)
  6. Set goals for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 (realistic goals including fun…we hardly ever plan “fun” things to do together or as a family)
  7. Have a fun family day the rest of the day…even if that means going no where and just enjoy the company while watching movies and playing…

Keep each other accountable (we’re both savers…that can be hard too…since we’re both savers, we will either not buy something we NEED or buy the cheaper version that breaks immediately)

Let me know where you’re at on your budget…what needs to change or what you are doing that works…


IMAGE: http://illawarrahomeloans.com.au/2012/01/

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