So it’s the new year…out with the old and in with the new! New Year’s Resolutions (YEAH RIGHT)…like everyone keeps those…so I’ve decided to try to make some simple changes for life, not just because its the new year but the new year does create a opportunity to begin again…

My changes (or potential changes, I guess I should say)…

1. learn to be more patient and not yell (easier said that done…I know all moms struggle with this)

2. take care of me (along with taking care of the hubby, the kiddos, the dog, the house, etc….but no seriously, taking care of you is essential)

3. working more on a cash budget for our food/fun budget.

I’ll be blogging about the good and the bad throughout my changes…hopefully they don’t fail…we will see how that goes…any advice will be GREATLY appreciated!

(Forgive me for no communication through the holidays…it’s been crazy, we’re still not fully moved in, going through boxes but other than that no new updates…moving is more than enough!…hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!)


2 thoughts on “NEW! NEW! NEW!

  1. Gloria says:

    Trying not to yell at my kids is my constant struggle. Patience and spending time in the Word is what I want to pursue more of this year.

    So we just moved as well. Now with a new mortgage payment I will be switching to a cash budget for groceries and I’ll need some penny pinching ideas for sure.


    1. recapturinggrace says:

      Hi Gloria! It’s my constant struggle too for sure! Congratulations on the move! We are still living in boxes ourselves. I’ve begun couponing and shopping every frugally (only buying what’s on sale and hopefully has a coupon)….unless there is an emergency or immediate NEED… -Toney


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