Loving ME!



So one of my goals this coming year is to devote more time to LOVING ME (easier said than done…). I think as a wife and mother, you are constantly doing for everyone else that you forgot that you are in the mix too…

I want to teach my kiddos that in order to love anyone…you MUST love yourself first. You MUST take care of yourself. In taking care and loving yourself, you will be able to love all.

5 Ways to Love Yourself MORE:

  1. Spend time in the Word (whether it’s 5 minutes a day or more…)
  2. Do something special for yourself (like painting your fingernails and toenails..YAY! (by the way, I did that this morning…)
  3. Do something for someone else just because (if that’s your gift)
  4. Take time for you (schedule it if you have too…after the kids go to bed, early in the morning (it would be before the sun got up for me…)
  5. just LOVE you! Love all your flaws, imperfections…instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what you don’t like…make yourself SEE what you LOVE (that is definitely going to be the MOST challenging for me…)


IMAGE: http://freestylehippiesoul.tumblr.com/image/154847546614 and http://galadarling.com/article/10-really-easy-ways-you-can-love-yourself-more-today/

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