From the Heart…


So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m about to say…it will probably ruffle some feathers, but I don’t know if I’m the only one annoyed by this (if so, oh well….)…what is it, you might ask???

Why do mothers seem to always have an excuse or act like being a mother is so horrible? (maybe horrible isn’t the best word)

It just seems like constantly on social media there are all these articles and blogs about about how difficult and tiring motherhood is…and yes, it is hard and it is tiring but life is all around hard at times and tiring at times.

It just seems like like mothers these days act like motherhood is so much hard than ever before…I’m mean mothers have been around since the beginning of creation.

Why can’t there be blogs about how GREAT being a mother is, how WONDERFUL being a wife is, how YOUR CHILDREN are a BLESSING, and how living LIFE is INCREDIBLE instead of how hard being a mother is, what a struggle mothers have, that moms just need a break…

I mean come on, we don’t have to use an outhouse anymore, we don’t have to cook over a fire, we have heat and A/C, we get to grow our own food (we don’t have to because of grocery stores), we can jump in our vehicle and go anywhere, we can enjoy fellowship with others on social media, emails, phone calls….yes, motherhood is stressful, being wife is stressful, running a household is stressful, being an adult is stressful…

It just seems to me (maybe I’m the only one) that mothers don’t realize their STRENGTH, their ENDURANCE, their GRACE, their ABILITY…(and this applies to fathers too) to accomplish what they were CREATED to do!

Hope this doesn’t ruffle too many feathers or step on too many toes…but take a step back (even if you step on a toy), relax and enjoy the little things and being WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE…a mom, a wife, a person!


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