I’ve become…

So I’ve become one of those moms (now I’m pretty sure this happened with my sweet girl…but I noticed it today with my little man)….the mom that doesn’t care what others think (that’s a big deal for me)…so what happened…our little man wanted to wear his rain boots  on the wrong feet when it wasn’t raining to church and guess what…I let him (not a battle that I wanted or needed to face to get to church on time)…too many times moms judge other moms and don’t show grace…who cares if he has on his rain boots or hair isn’t perfect or doesn’t match (I strive to make sure they match) but we have to show grace and recapture it daily…maybe the other mom is going through something (do we ever ask…NO)..but then we judge or gossip about)…so take that time this week to give each other some grace!!!



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