Judgmental Moms…

So this actually happened earlier this week and I’m just getting around to posting it…(I’ll explain in the next post what’s been going on…)

I posted this post on FB when it was happening:

To the other Chick-fil-a moms in Winston: thanks for the judgment…so I took my two into chickfila waiting for an appt and Gid decides that he wants to play first instead of eat…so while standing in line, he starting wining and complaining and pitching a mini meltdown….an older gentleman came up and said, “its okay, I have 8 grandchildren and they all have done that…it will get easier.” (Thank you sir and to the sweet chickfila employees for bringing me our food to our table and not even being fazed)…as we are going to our seat (Gid is still standing in the the line)….I put our drinks down and walk back to pick him up ( they weren’t busy) so no one else was in line….I heard two moms talking about him standing up there screaming and I caught them….moms, you know that look you get on your face when you hear someone talking about your kid…well, I must of given her that look…because she shut up and gid came and sat down at the table, ate his food and now is playing with selah girl…really, moms….do we really show compassion and grace anymore or ever??? I guess not everyone has a kid (at 2) that has had a mini meltdown because he wants to play on the playground instead of eat…



IMAGE: http://life.paperblog.com/dear-judgmental-moms-587469/

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