The last 48 hours…

So last week, my mom found a small knot on the back of our sweet girl’s head. On Wednesday morning I called the pediatrician. The pediatrician was able to get her in immediately (my husband and nephew have a condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation) So this began a crazy and extremely emotional 24 hours!!! The pediatrician felt the knot and said that we need to do a x-ray just in case. So our sweet girl did awesome getting her x-ray…a little nervous…but was a trooper!

Wednesday afternoon, the pediatrician’s nurse called said that the radiologist wanted a ct-scan. I handled the phone call pretty well…but then Mommy brain kicked in and out flowed the tears…I knew that God would handle it, but at the same time, honestly, I was worried.

Thursday morning, I called the pediatrician to see about the appointment for the ct-scan. (My wonderful pediatrician calmed me down and said, yes,  I should be concerned…but in order to know what is going on, we need to do this test. Also, she said that our sweet girl was growing perfectly, passed the neurological test that she did Wednesday…so she is fabulous!)…this verse showed up on my facebook newsfeed (posted by my awesome pediatrician’s nurse…oh ironic, huh!)


They scheduled the ct-scan for Thursday at 1130. My hubby and I took her…she was nervous, but did amazing…I was able to stay with her just like with the x-ray (just covered in protection)

After the test was done, they told us to wait that it was STAT. We waited for an hour and they came and said the Dr. got the results, your pediatrician will be calling you. We had told our sweet girl that we would take her for lunch and get her a prize for doing so well. So off to McDonald’s we went…Chick-fil-a was packed (that was her first choice)…

While we were at Big Lots getting her a prize…the pediatrician’s nurse called and said…the radiologist called and her ct-scan came back PERFECTLY NORMAL!!!!!!! I did a little dance in Big Lots and tears started following!!!

We know that God stepped in and took care of it! Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you for our wonderful pediatrician and nurse for taking care of me and definitely our sweet girl!!!

On a sad but glorious note, during this same time, I was receiving updates that a close friend went to be with Jesus…her battle is over and she is dancing with the KING! Missing her greatly!


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