When Mommy gets sick…

So starting late last week, I started having an ear ache (I haven’t had one in years…I don’t even remember when the last time was) and my throat was hurting. I kept putting it off and by Monday, I couldn’t  handle it. So I took little man with me (that was fun, he didn’t get his nap out…and if you know what happens with a 2 year old doesn’t get his nap fully out…no words), anyway, Dr did a strep test and came walking back into the room with a mask on…so I knew before she even said it…I had STREP! NO, this Mommy can’t get sick (I’m sure, all moms say that). So it is now Wednesday, and this is kicking my booty! The medicine is working, but I still feel horrible. (Thankful to the hubby who let me take a nap last night when he got home)…so today, I’m still taking it easy (yeah, right!)…dishes got to be done, along with laundry and just everyday house cleaning…but I’m resting through out the day…most definitely! So if you find yourself sick, do take time to rest and relax and feel better…chores can wait…spend some more time cuddling and movie watching (that’s what me and kiddos will be doing today)…


IMAGE: http://themadmommy.com/2014/04/when-mom-is-sick.html

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